Wednesday, June 11, 2014

So What Wednesday

I've seen other bloggers do So What Wednesdays... and I've got nothing mind-blowingly awesome to post about, soooo...

So What...
...if I am having a lazy, Starbucks-y, social media-filled day.
...if I'm having this unmotivated day in workout clothes.  Hello hypocrite.  :)
...if I can inhale half a [regular sized] watermelon BY MYSELF.
...if I'm eating one right this minute... in a large mixing bowl... with salt sprinkled on top.
...if I love shows like Orange is the New Black and Dexter.  They are gruesome and vulgar.  And I love them.
...if I stalk the local real estate for my dream home alllll the time.  (I haven't found it yet.)
...if I know nothing about gardening.  Nothing.
...if I don't play "kids" music in the car.  No thanks.
...if I think I'm changing my "style" in home decor.  Our neighborhood garage sale next month is going to be a good way to purge a lot of clutter.
...if I still have an iPhone 4.  [but I would TOTALLY appreciate an upgrade, hint hint]
...if I take too many pictures on said iPhone.  Isn't that what it's for?
...if I want to stop writing this post so I can go back to reading Allegiant?  goodbye...

What is your biggest So What?


  1. So what....If I tell my kids they can't have any dessert and I wait till I put them to bed to enjoy mine :)