Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Update

A little update while Adam sits in the recliner with a sleeping Reid and plays Candy Crush and I wait for my toenails to dry...

not my toes... mine are a much less interesting orangey-red

-My mom (grammy pammie) has moved south.  Not to Florida, like some retired grandmas do, but to Washington Township.  Three miles up the road.  :)

-Reid is moving closer to walking, I think.  He has balanced and stood without holding on to furniture now a few times.  He is ALL over the place.  He loves reading more than ever.  We read approximately 679 books a day.  We have been attending multiple storytimes at the library each week.  He also loves dancing to music, playing peekaboo, wrestling with Lucy, diving underwater at the pool.  The kid can't walk, but he goes underwater at the pool.  UNDER water.  

-I am contemplating a 1/2 marathon.  It's in 12 weeks, which means I have to start training three months ago.  Not really, but I really need to amp up how I have been running and follow the 12 week training app I've installed.  I may wait a few more weeks to see just how well I do with the program before paying... I'll update with more information if this really happens.

-I am [for real] starting the 30 Day Shred on July 1st. The next time you see me I'll probably look like Jillian.

-I am loving Instagram videos.  Here are two videos I took at the pool last week.  You'll also notice he got his first haircut.  He's a BIG boy now!

-I haven't uploaded pictures off the camera or off my phone in a long time, but when I do, I'll post some here.  I have some good ones. :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giggles and Almost-Walking

So about that I'm going to update more often stuff... whoops!

Things here are good.  Better than good.  Being a SAHM, even if only temporarily for summer vacay, is really nice.  Take today:
I woke up when I wanted(ish)
Sipped some coffee and watched the Today Show while the babe played at my feet
Met a friend for lunch
Went to the park/splash pad with said friend (and another one joined) plus all the kids
Came home for naptime
Went Krogering when all the samples were out (sushiiiiii!)
Hubs came home & we left for Family Storytime at the libary
Came home and hit up the neighborhood pool
Bath/Stories/Bed for Reid
Ate half a watermelon while watching the Reds with Adam

I mean, it looks like a long list... but that's good stuff on that list.  No grading, no lesson planning, no meetings.  A girl could get used to this!

Here are some cute videos of Reid.  Because that's why you're here, right?  ;)

Couch cushions are hilARious!

Almost walking??

Siblings at play

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "I'm trapped under a sleeping baby" Post

I have gotten pretty good at laying Reid down for a nap/the night without waking him up.  Except for today.  I have started that transition into his crib gently, calmly, silently... And somehow plopped him & awakened him 3x in a row.  The poor kid was without afternoon naps for two days in a row, and I refuse to deny him of sleep today.  So here I sit, in a darkened nursery, in the most amazing chair ever. (

What does one do when trapped under a sleeping baby?  Thanks to my iPhone I have:
1. Scrolled my Facebook newsfeed
2. Checked my emails
3. Browsed Instagram 
4. Caught up on a few blogs I read (in case you are looking for some reading material:,,,,, I easily have 20 more that I follow)
5. Started this post. ;)
(I'll probably get a picture of the tot before this is all said and done too, so #6 should be "took a picture")

Reid turned 13 months on Sunday.  He's pretty incredible.  I'm amazed daily of what he can do.  He is constantly pointing and asking "what's that?", which sound like whazz dahh?!!?  He crawls around the house.  As in, I have to pay extra close attention now.  As in, keep the basement door shut.  As in, maybe he wants a toy from his room and he knows how to get there, so he just goes there.  It's nuts.  

Reid's also eating mass amounts.  Last night at my mom's surprise retirement dinner, Reid shocked people by snacking on "Cheerios" (you know I have the off brand and organic-y ones, heh), then he gulped chunky applesauce, then his grilled chicken and red grapes dinner.  Oh, and then he helped me eat my salad, so he had egg and turkey and ham.  And cupcakes!  He snarfed one of those bad boys like listen bob, I've done this a few times now.  I got this.  True.

This kid is really sleeping.  Perhaps I will do a little pinning on Pinterest?  :)