Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Giggles and Almost-Walking

So about that I'm going to update more often stuff... whoops!

Things here are good.  Better than good.  Being a SAHM, even if only temporarily for summer vacay, is really nice.  Take today:
I woke up when I wanted(ish)
Sipped some coffee and watched the Today Show while the babe played at my feet
Met a friend for lunch
Went to the park/splash pad with said friend (and another one joined) plus all the kids
Came home for naptime
Went Krogering when all the samples were out (sushiiiiii!)
Hubs came home & we left for Family Storytime at the libary
Came home and hit up the neighborhood pool
Bath/Stories/Bed for Reid
Ate half a watermelon while watching the Reds with Adam

I mean, it looks like a long list... but that's good stuff on that list.  No grading, no lesson planning, no meetings.  A girl could get used to this!

Here are some cute videos of Reid.  Because that's why you're here, right?  ;)

Couch cushions are hilARious!

Almost walking??

Siblings at play

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  1. That last video is sooo darn cute!
    Enjoy your time off and hooray for those 'normal' mom days!