Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The "I'm trapped under a sleeping baby" Post

I have gotten pretty good at laying Reid down for a nap/the night without waking him up.  Except for today.  I have started that transition into his crib gently, calmly, silently... And somehow plopped him & awakened him 3x in a row.  The poor kid was without afternoon naps for two days in a row, and I refuse to deny him of sleep today.  So here I sit, in a darkened nursery, in the most amazing chair ever. (

What does one do when trapped under a sleeping baby?  Thanks to my iPhone I have:
1. Scrolled my Facebook newsfeed
2. Checked my emails
3. Browsed Instagram 
4. Caught up on a few blogs I read (in case you are looking for some reading material:,,,,, I easily have 20 more that I follow)
5. Started this post. ;)
(I'll probably get a picture of the tot before this is all said and done too, so #6 should be "took a picture")

Reid turned 13 months on Sunday.  He's pretty incredible.  I'm amazed daily of what he can do.  He is constantly pointing and asking "what's that?", which sound like whazz dahh?!!?  He crawls around the house.  As in, I have to pay extra close attention now.  As in, keep the basement door shut.  As in, maybe he wants a toy from his room and he knows how to get there, so he just goes there.  It's nuts.  

Reid's also eating mass amounts.  Last night at my mom's surprise retirement dinner, Reid shocked people by snacking on "Cheerios" (you know I have the off brand and organic-y ones, heh), then he gulped chunky applesauce, then his grilled chicken and red grapes dinner.  Oh, and then he helped me eat my salad, so he had egg and turkey and ham.  And cupcakes!  He snarfed one of those bad boys like listen bob, I've done this a few times now.  I got this.  True.

This kid is really sleeping.  Perhaps I will do a little pinning on Pinterest?  :)

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