Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things We're Loving

Kacey Musgraves "Merry Go 'Round". Super loving this song.  No reason other than John Mayer told me to listen to it... I did... and he was right.  It's gorgeous.

Parenthood.  I have a theory about where the show is headed.  More specifically I have a theory about Julia and Joel.  Stop reading here if you think this will spoil it for you (and this is not an official spoiler, either).  I think Julia and Joel will proceed with a divorce.  They'll do the sad back and forth exchange, they'll get lawyers, they'll start signing official documents.  One night they will somehow get drunk and hook up.  Julia will get pregnant (with the child they tried SO LONG to conceive) and the season will end (probably just with illusions to a pregnancy).  Next season they'll get back together.  Boom.

Cold weather.  Bring it on, Mutha Naycha. ;)

iPads.  Reid tossed (threw) our (the school's) iPad down on my mom's ceramic tile floor about three nanoseconds into the winter break.  We finally got it back this weekend.

Meal Planning.  Who knew that doing a little prep would make cooking easier?  And healthier?  And tastier?  It even makes grocery shopping easier.  Adam would be happy if the actual cost of the shopping trip came down, but baby steps, right?

Essential Oils.  We've been using oils for months now, but I'm looking into purchasing a larger set of oils.  So far we use Lavender EO and Eucalyptus EO at night (helps to relax and breath).  I just picked up a Sleep Blend (Lavender, Chamomile, and a couple others) that's been nice too.  To use the oils, we just drip it onto Reid's crib sheet or our pillows.  We sometimes put Sweet Orange into Reid's diaper pail.  I had a headache yesterday thanks to the nasty vertigo I have been suffering, and the Eucalyptus EO helped tremendously (rubbed it behind my ears).

Mango.  Frozen, especially.  Get the Kroger Simple Truth bag in the freezer section.  Open.  Pour about 10-12 chunks into a bowl.  Nom right away.

Valentine's Day.  It's coming up, so time to get out my favorite decorations, including the felted balls my friend Annie made us.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Updates Galore

SNOW DAY #5.  A lot of people are complaining on FB about the snow this morning.  I've said it once and I'll say it again:  when it's WINTER I want it to feel like WINTER.  That means it should be bitterly cold and snowing like whoa.  Even if we have to make the days up in June, I will always ALWAYS love a snow day.

RUNNING:  I made it a goal to run the Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon at the beginning of May.  I got some running gear (like these awesome Nike gloves) for Christmas.  I officially had my first 2014 run last night at the rec.  This is not counting the warm-up hell Ashlie and Amie have been making me do at school (AKA running the halls and running STAIRS.  Ew.).  I started with a run-walk mile (the track is an 11 lap mile that I alternated running and walking).  I ran (slowly jogged, really) the second mile.  In my head I was like YES.  I will run ALL 33 laps tonight.  But after the first slow mile I decided it was getting late, my music needed updating, and my knees hurt.  Better to do 2 miles on the first time out in ages, right?  I'll go for 3 next time.

WEIGHT:  See above.  Also, I have been kind of doing this Jillian Michaels DVD challenge via the bloggers I follow online.  Ashlie and Amie are doing it with much better success.  I have been really struggling to manage my time (she types as she sits in pjs, while drinking coffee, watching the Today Show, and blogs).  However, today is a new day.  I logged my current weight in MyFitnessPal (wanna follow me?  My MFP name is JULIEECONLEY) and entered last night's run into MapMyRun.  Clean eating is the current buzzword, and I've been doing a pretty good job at it.  I'm hoping it will help with a little weight loss.  Or a lot, since that's what I'm aiming for.  I have been documenting my exercise and better eating on a public Instagram account: RUNJULSIERUN is my name there.

*Possible reason I can't manage my time well: ALL the social media.*

FAMILY:  Reid's personality is becoming clearer by the day.  Yesterday he was demanding that I sit on the floor and color with him.  As we colored (we were on our bellies with the coloring book in front of us), he turned at one point, gave me a hug, and followed up with a kiss.  Then he sort of kept coloring, but still had an arm wrapped around me.  I wanted that moment to last forever.  A not as sweet moment happened later at dinner:  he looked me in the eye, smiled, and threw his food on the floor.  I guess he didn't like the food.  He also has a best friend... Lucy, our golden retriever.  When he wakes up, he looks around and sings, "Lucy? Lucy?  Where's Lucy?"  As I cook dinner Reid chases Lucy; he plays "Where's Lucy?" by putting a kitchen towel over her head; he rides Lucy while making horse sounds; and hugs and kisses Lucy; he hits Lucy and then gives "nice, gentle touches" when I come to her defense... And she loves him too!  If you've ever been around goldens you'll know they have a smile.  Lucy beams around this kid.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 Bucket List

Ah, the New Year has arrived.  People are so doubtful and whiney about resolutions, but they aren't so terrible, are they?  January is a fresh start.  We've all been burned by the cliche resolutions, and maybe that's why people get pessimistic.  Especially the hard core gym folk--they hate cliche resolutions!  I can honestly say that in my 32 years, I've only been successful with one resolution:  to eat breakfast every day.  With that said, I am not resolving to fix anything this year.  Instead I am making a bucket list of 14 things I'd like to do/accomplish/achieve for the year 2014.

1.  Create the family yearbooks I've been wanting to make.  Make one for 2012, 2013 AND 2014.
2.  Lose 40 pounds (legit, it's GOTS TA GO).  If this happens, make a new goal and lose even more.
3.  Run the Flying Pig Half Marathon on May 4th (technically the Border Energy Half Marathon).
4.  Organize the basement including:  a wrapping station, laundry area, storage area, play area.  Throw down some stain on the unfinished floor (for cement!), chalk paint in the play area, and add electricity.
5.  Read and finish 14 books.  (First two I'll finish will be Allegient and The Book Thief)
6.  Run the Fort4Fitness Half Marathon on September 27th .  Beat last year's time (2:44).
7.  52 Week Savings Plan:  Save $1 week 1, $2 week 2, $3 week 3... etc.  Will add up to $1378.
8.  Attend a summer concert with Adam.
9.  Celebrate our marriage with a date night every 20th of the month (or as close as possible due to schedule).
10.  Throw Reid a low-key but sweet 2nd birthday party.
11.  Celebrate Father's Day with all the dads and grandpas.  Brunch here, fellas?
12.  Visit the ocean with my family.
13.  Put storm doors in... enjoy the breeze and watch thunderstorms with my boys/pup.
14.  Simplify my diet.  More real and fresh food!

Well that was fun.  Sounds good today, on January 2nd (Reid's 20 month birthday!!).  I hope I'm not scrambling to accomplish these in those last, busy weeks of the year.  ;)

And a little about today... It snowed a WHOLE lot (5-6 inches), so I cancelled going to school to work on 3rd quarter plans.  Reid and I stayed in pajamas (except when we spent 25 minutes bundling up to take the dogs out for a 3 minute potty break), baked muffins, watched Sesame Street ("Elmo" and "Abby" are two favorite words right now), and built a fort.  Here are a couple pictures: