Sunday, January 26, 2014

Things We're Loving

Kacey Musgraves "Merry Go 'Round". Super loving this song.  No reason other than John Mayer told me to listen to it... I did... and he was right.  It's gorgeous.

Parenthood.  I have a theory about where the show is headed.  More specifically I have a theory about Julia and Joel.  Stop reading here if you think this will spoil it for you (and this is not an official spoiler, either).  I think Julia and Joel will proceed with a divorce.  They'll do the sad back and forth exchange, they'll get lawyers, they'll start signing official documents.  One night they will somehow get drunk and hook up.  Julia will get pregnant (with the child they tried SO LONG to conceive) and the season will end (probably just with illusions to a pregnancy).  Next season they'll get back together.  Boom.

Cold weather.  Bring it on, Mutha Naycha. ;)

iPads.  Reid tossed (threw) our (the school's) iPad down on my mom's ceramic tile floor about three nanoseconds into the winter break.  We finally got it back this weekend.

Meal Planning.  Who knew that doing a little prep would make cooking easier?  And healthier?  And tastier?  It even makes grocery shopping easier.  Adam would be happy if the actual cost of the shopping trip came down, but baby steps, right?

Essential Oils.  We've been using oils for months now, but I'm looking into purchasing a larger set of oils.  So far we use Lavender EO and Eucalyptus EO at night (helps to relax and breath).  I just picked up a Sleep Blend (Lavender, Chamomile, and a couple others) that's been nice too.  To use the oils, we just drip it onto Reid's crib sheet or our pillows.  We sometimes put Sweet Orange into Reid's diaper pail.  I had a headache yesterday thanks to the nasty vertigo I have been suffering, and the Eucalyptus EO helped tremendously (rubbed it behind my ears).

Mango.  Frozen, especially.  Get the Kroger Simple Truth bag in the freezer section.  Open.  Pour about 10-12 chunks into a bowl.  Nom right away.

Valentine's Day.  It's coming up, so time to get out my favorite decorations, including the felted balls my friend Annie made us.

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