Saturday, May 11, 2013


I've been speaking in hashtags lately.  It's because I've been following all these blogs that are hashtag crazy.  Now my students are speaking in hashtag.  (Well, all but one.  She REFUSES.).  I even have a motivational hashtag "#sitwhereyawant" that they can earn after receieving three stars for good behavior.

Reid needs this.  

Reid has a rash.  It's not scary or gross, but it makes me feel really terrible for him.  He's suffered from eczema all year, but it's really bad right now.  So he's got a rash and flared up eczema.  He's also snotty and slept like shit last night.  We had him tested for common allergins (environmental and food) through a blood draw. That was torturous and never want to experience that again.  Unless they think they'll be able to come up with a real answer.  I'm DESPERATE for an answer to what bugs him.  The results said he has a low allergy to dogs.  I have NO idea what that means.  Seriously.  We're going in Monday for his 1 year check up.  I hope the pediatrician can answer the 500 questions I have prepared.  #sorrynotsorry mister pediatrician.

Last night we had tickets for the Reds game.  It was going to be #awesome and #fun and was with, like, 100 of my coworkers.  Sadly, we didn't have a sitter so this adult night was going to be baby bombed by Reid.  The forecast called for storms and a soggy evening.  I had NO desire to hangout at The Great American Ballpark in the forecasted sog with a baby on my hip.  Or on my nip.  So we didn't go.  And guess what?  It barely rained.  So I looked like an asshole.  #imthefriendthatbailedagain #sorrytomybffaw #csquared4life

I just put Reid to sleep in his crib for the sixth night in a row.  Some of you are thinking, "so what?" and some might be thinking, "Go you!"  And then some of you are gasping in horror, because "where has he been sleeping?!!"  And it's likely that most of you are judging in some way, whether you're a parent or not.  Well stop.  For his whole life, Reid has needed to sleep while touching me in some way if I'm within smellsite (this means he can sleep for hours without me at the sitter's house, but wakes the second I try to gently lay him into his crib, no matter how deeply asleep).  In order to get him into his crib, it had to be someone else... so either Adam or Lucy.  99.9% of the time, it was Adam.  And get this, he hits ONE YEAR OLD and all the sudden he is a big boy.  All the sudden I can put him down and he STAYS ASLEEP.  I'm pretty proud of this.  #imsadtoo #notababyanymore

Tomorrow is Mother's Day.  My second Mother's Day.  I'll be honest, I don't really remember much about last years.  (cringe... sorry Adam...).  I'll blame the hormones.  I'm not expecting anything, really.  I'm happy to be a mom to Reid, plain and simple.  He's a cool dude, and I'm #lucky every single day.

Reid and Dada on the Slide

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