Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the Middle of the Night

I go walking in my sleep, through the valley of.., just kidding.  I'm not here to sing you some Billy J.  

Last night was reminiscent of Reid's newborn days.  I forgot that Mad Money was on NBC from 3-4am.  I forgot how irritating it was to hear someone else snoring while I paced the living room.  I forgot how rock hard the living room floor is (I was prepared for a puker and set up blanket camp there.)

Little Reidy boy had a hard time sleeping last night.  He was really tired, but also really uncomfortable.  I suspect teething to be the reason, but I'm not positive.  I finally caved and gave him some Tylenol around 6:30 and he's been sleeping ever since (with one short wake for a mommy potty break and baby diaper change).  It's ten after 10.  Sweepy guy.

So today is going to be a snugly, cuddly, resting kind of day.  

Here's to hoping RWC wakes up feeling better!

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