Monday, May 6, 2013

Vids of the Kid

Well look at me, I'm on a COMPUTER.  When using social media (FB, Instagram, Blogger, etc.), I am on my phone 95% of the time.  I've typed the last couple posts with one hand while nursing or rocking the boy to sleep.  My Blogger app doesn't let me post videos, and it's kind of a pain to post pictures too.  I can't really edit/format, and if you know me, that kind of drives me cray.

So prepare yourself for lil video montage.  They go from oldest to newest.

9.5 months.  Post diaper change dolphin chatter between the boys.  #yuptheyrerelated

11 months.  Eating like a man.

11 months.  Army crawling and squeaks

12 months.  Reid's cake smash

And maybe you can't tell, but this kid has changed SO MUCH in the last few weeks.  I mean, look at him.  He's DRIVING!  

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  1. Time flies! What an adventure, right? :)