Sunday, May 5, 2013


Today was Reid's first birthday party. Here are my thoughts:
1. Spent way too much on balloons. Hell, spent way too much PERIOD.
2. My anxiety about rain at our park party came true. It was wet and cold for 2/3 of the party. The shelter was nice though and nobody complained (except me and the hubs. We are ALWAYS the buzzkill).
3. Ashlie & Nick got suckered into helping set up and make burgers (in the rain). That's what ya get for being punctual. ;)
4. The cupcakes were SO good. Thank you, Kim, for sharing your cake lady. She is now my cake lady.
5. Holsie's "avocado crack" was gone in 2.5 seconds. Yes, it's really good. She is now my (avocado) crack lady.
6. Reid got awesome presents. Probably because we know some pretty awesome people.

This kid is passed out on me, and I'm (blissfully) typing this post on my iPhone from his nursery. Time to sign off and fully enjoy this moment. Total kairos. :)

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  1. Total kairos! Happy Birthday Reid! :)