Thursday, May 2, 2013


Reid turns one officially at 1:22 PM EDT.

I can still smell the delivery room. I can still taste the coffee I downed in our five days at the hospital. I can still feel the sting in my eyes from the sleep deprivation. I can still feel my skin sticking to the posh vinyl chairs I used as a makeshift bed in the recovery room.

Doesn't seem possible, but it is.

From what I gather, this is an emotional week for Mama Bear. While my emotions were running high from pre-birth to departing the hospital, I've fared well. I enjoy watching the maturity and developments of my little fellow. When I lather him up with lotion, I know that too soon, those legs will be a hairy mess (like his dad), the occasional shrieks of joy will be replaced by "leave me alone!!!" and a locked bedroom door in a matter of no time, and the cute little $1.99 meals will make way for $400 trips to the grocery.

We dwell on what lies ahead and talk about time escaping us a lot. I feel that we do live in the moment more than we lead on. I reflect week-to-week on the amount of things that don't get done, but in reality - I like how time does seem to freeze when I'm with my baby.

Just last night, I returned home late and took a sleeping kid into my arms and sat meditating for over a half hour. How many times did I get to do that in years past?

Looking forward to hanging out again with my boy and all the days that follow.


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