Wednesday, May 1, 2013

365 days old

Tomorrow Reid will be 1. ONE. 365 days old. I have been a forreal mom for 365 days. I'm, like, legit now. No longer a rookie, since my baby, my INFANT, is a one year old.

Thank God I can still explain his age in months for another year. After all, that's what I'm used to.

Everything else about my justababyforonemoreday seems to be changing at warp speed. He's crawling and pulling up and chatting (he calls me Bob). He's eating real human food (and thankfully still mama milk too). In fact, he eats kind of like a man. Yesterday he picked up a bowl of scrambled eggs and tried to lick it clean. He must have learned that trick from his "get it all" clean plate club dada.

I have sucked at posting the details of our lives. I wanted to document everything. But that's a hard commitment. I mean, we don't even walk our dog. Sorry, Lucy.

Maybe with summer approaching and school ending (and my list of bookmarked blogs growing) Adam and I will post more often.

I want to, I promise.

And here's a picture of the justababyforonemoreday (from the impromptu visit to the pedi to check a dumb rash that won't go away).

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