Tuesday, June 17, 2014


We are a swimming family.  I'd like to think it stems from all those years on the Willow swim team, then counting swedish fish for the quarter bags in the concession stand, then lifeguarding.  Or something.

Reid showed no fear of water last summer.  He liked getting into the pool and he darn near swam out to sea on our vacation to Myrtle Beach.  Every day, multiple times.  It was cute and he wasn't really walking, so it was easy-ish to keep an eye on him.

MB last summer.

Fast forward to this summer.  We wondered if the 12 months of growing and learning and a teeeeeensy bit more logic would have him afraid of the water.  I mean, I had heard that some toddlers did that.  Luckily, this tot is a water lover,  BIG TIME.  Today we bought swimmies (against all things I was told as a lifeguard about their actual safety).  A neighbor let Reid try on her bright pink swimmies over the weekend and he was SO independent in them.  Adam and I don't mind holding Reid in the pool, but since there isn't an actual baby pool. it really limits what we can all do.  Today I picked up a pair of Puddle Jumpers from Target before heading to Grammy's pool (where there were ZERO people!).  Reid was a rockstar.  Maybe I'm just impressed because he's still so tiny and young in my eyes, but he was legit swimming by our after dinner swim.  This video shows a little (IG length) snippet:

Swimmin' and jumpin'.

I have the feeling that we will be spending a LOT of time at the pool this summer... and that's fine by me!  We're headed back to MB next month too.  Yay.  :)

Jumping to daddy.

First time in his new swimmies.

Drying off with a snack.

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