Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eleven weeks

Reid-meister had a bath tonight. Not his first, but first on video. Just a sample of some of the fun we have here at Conley Manor.

In other news, I (dad) stayed home with him while mama dined with Kiley and Amy down the road yesterday. We had a good night, despite warnings that he was a beast throughout the majority of the day.

Our adventures began shortly before 6:30. We made faces at one another. For about five minutes, I watched him stick his entire fist in his mouth and toward the end, wasn't quite sure if an infant could develop bullimic tendencies.

From there, I fed young'n a bottle. I'm baffled as to how he can nurse on his mother for over an hour, but can down the bottle in fifteen minutes.

We moved from bottle to post-feeding burpage. That was fun.

After burping, we went to some tummy time on the play mat and then flipped him over so he could kick and punch some owls and sheep.

A little fussiness later, papa successfully rocked the lil' man to sleep and remained on the couch watching the Reds game.

A good little evening.

- Dad

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