Monday, July 23, 2012

11 weeks, 5 days old

Reid is sleeping so much better these days.  We got him to sleep on his back and in his crib for the first time this weekend.  He's done it the last 3 nights.  Friday and Saturday night he slept nearly 8 hours swaddled in his crib.  It was the first time I have been more than 5 feet away from him (at night) since he was born.  I slept like a champ, too.  Last night he decided 5 hours was enough and woke up at 2am for some food.  We never made it out of the super uncomfortable green chair in the living room.  Now I'm tired.  And Reid's sleeping in the swing.  I should be napping, but here I am blogging.  Priorities.

What we've been up to:

-We went to BGSU this weekend.  Reid met Selner, Leslie (who he'd met already), Melissa, Drunk, Kaiser, Nora, Olivia, Adrienne, Erin, Katie (Leslie's sis).  We ate at Polyeyes and visited the Chi Omega house.  Then we went to SBX and spent too much money on new Falcon gear.  Reid got the cuuuuutest shirt.  It's a 6 month size, so still too big.  Here's a picture of us in front of the house.

-We went to Will McAnaul's 3 year anniversary memorial service at the Northgate church yesterday.  Patcine and Ryan spoke about all that they have learned over the last 3 years.  It was pretty amazing to hear them talk.  I am quite a bit in awe of the strength and bravery they have.  I know it wasn't/isn't easy for them to deal with the loss of their precious boy... they are a true inspiration.

-Everyone wants to know how the cloth diapers are going.  I suspect a lot of people were/are expecting that I hate it and will be quitting soon.  Quite the opposite!!  I was hesitant to travel with them for a while, and it is harder to pack them because they take up a lot more room... but that's probably the only challenge I've had.  I seriously love them.  And I really dislike sposies.  In fact, we had a blowout in a sposie on our trip to BG.  I was trying to use up the size 1's we have, and since we were roadtripping, figured it would make things easier.  I learned my lesson.  I'm even dabbling in wool covers now.  On the blogs and in the diaper forums, everyone raves about wool.  I now have two wool soakers (covers) and a pair of longies (pants).  They are so soft and adorable and breathable.  I am getting ready to go lanolize (waterproof) and wash them for the first time ever as soon as this post goes live.  So to all you haters, keep on hating.  I love fluff!

I have another video to share.  It's hard to see since it was at night and the living room was dark, but it's sweet.

-Here are some pictures of Reid from this weekend. :)

Aaaaaand Reid's awake.  Looks like I'll be lanolizing later. Wah wahhh.

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  1. Video is very sweet. You can see Lucy in the background watching the whole thing. Sometimes you can hear her tail thumping the chair in the kitchen.