Wednesday, July 11, 2012

10 weeks old!

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  1. Precious!
    So how is cloth diapering working for you?
    It is good to see Reid does the same stuff my LO does; kicking, 'talking', smiling, grabbing and reacting to your voice. Are you trying to let Reid sleep in his crib more at night? We let TJ sleep in his Joolz or on the feeding pillow during the day unless he gets too fussy.
    Also, I found out that he will wake up because he has spit out his pacifier (well, of course he spits it out once he's asleep) or because he has kicked his blanket off of him. I tuck him back in, give him his pacifier again (if he will take it) and then return to our bedroom. After some repeats, he sleeps again! This morning he woke up at 8 again, so I got a whole night's sleep! WOW, I LOVE MY KID!

    Hope to hear from you!