Monday, June 25, 2012

7 weeks, 5 days old

5 Conley fam updates:

1. Saturday we visited my Grandma Marge/ Reid's Great Grandma Marge.  She loves him, obviously.  She loves me too--DiCarlos pizza and salami sandwiches were ready right when we arrived. Reid was amazed at her velvety bathroom wallpaper.
Photo: Where in the world is Reid Conley?

2. Adam is officially an EMT in addition to being a Firefighter.  I don't know if that got mentioned in the all the excitement of having a baby.  I'm very proud of him for completing all of the requirements without slacking as a husband or father.  He's pretty amazing.

3.  The Lenharts visited today.  It made me miss Noelle even more then ever.  She's an awesome mom to two little boys, and I can only hope that some of her momness rubbed onto me today.  Plus she got Reid a sweet DMB-themed gift.  :)

4.   I packed up Reid's 5 newborn onsies and several of his newborn diapers.  He's officially a baby (infant?) and not a newborn.  His 2 month check up is FRIDAY.  :(

5.  Reid's sweet personality has come out to play now that he's feeling better from reflux medicine.  He smiles a lot, especially in the morning.  He's learning how to use his arms and legs.  He has some pretty sweet dance moves, actually.  Here he is in action on his play mat. 

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  1. Gosh, this makes me wish we were closer so I could see you both all the time! What a sweet boy you have! :)