Friday, May 11, 2012

1 Week, 2 Days (really 38 weeks, 6 days)

Editors Note: This was intended to be posted prior to birth... never really got around to it!

Letters from Pa (Part X)

Monday April 30, 2012

Little fella,

Good morning. I write this over breakfast, something I look forward to doing face-to-face next week at this time. Hope you had a good last weekend!

Nothing too exciting in our world... yeah, right!! Last weekend, your Mom mentioned the need for a new computer. So, with some on-line browsing and assistance from Grammy P., we bought a laptop. Yesterday, I sold the little two-door Civic and we decided to go shopping for a replacement Civic (at least I did). Five hours and several dollars later, we arrived home with a new Accord. Hopefully that thing lasts until you're ready for a new car.

I wrapped up my next-to-last long Saturday class. I hope I can keep my head on straight over the first few weeks of May... they are going to be jam-packed with other stuff, in addition to adapting to you.

Grandma C. is coming down to stay with your sister this evening, they are sure to have a good time. I think all the grandparents are really looking forward to meeting you, so the sooner you come out, the better.

Reds have been playing decent of late, won their last three series, albeit sub-standard competition, but they're just getting ready to make their push to make your inaugural season a memorable one. The Browns (I mentioned earlier, you don't HAVE to be a fan, even though we have some nice garb for you (including cool pacifiers)) continue to mystify me. Though I wasn't impressed with their first round, they added eleven guys through the draft that may play a small role in making them likeable for you.

Want to do anything cool when you come home? Be thinking about stuff we can do, I'm pretty new to this game. I've babysat over the years, but never really thought about what I'd do with one of my own.

Mom proposed that I do one push-up for each day your born. That means on you can't drive off on your sixteenth birthday until you've witnessed your then 46-year-old dad do 5844 push-ups. Deal?!

Here's a few random facts about your Dad, if you haven't been paying attention in utero. These will come in handy when you wonder why you are the way you are.

* I like cereal WAY to much. If I could eat different variations of cereal for three meals a day and a snack, I would. This is an advantage for you, as Mom and I don't mess around on buying cereal.

* I eat a lot of peanut butter. If I could give up this vice, I'd probably be twenty pounds slimmer. We always have two big jars of Jif stocked in the house. You'll never find another brand... we Conley's are only name-brand snobs when it comes to our PB, condiments and your mom's hair supplies.

* I have a hard time waking up, so be sure to cry REALLY hard if you want me to wake up. Maybe this will change...

* I make way too many lists and spend more time worrying about the lists than actually doing the stuff I want to accomplish. Be sure to help me improve on this.

* Your Mom and I have a pretty good system in place since we've been married. We do equal amounts of work around the house. I'm certain that I will bear the brunt of the load for the foreseeable future, and I'm find with that. I do however, really hate dusting! Be sure to get some solid naps in to free up mommy's time to do that chore!

* I am going to be really busy your first couple weeks of life, it may seem like I'm neglecting you but rest assured, I am making myself a better parent with all that I am learning and hope I never have to use any of the skills I've picked up since last September with my own family.

As they say in the old country... (I don't know what we define as the 'old country', West Virginia/Kentucky? Ireland? Germany? any of the 'ia' countries in eastern Europe?). Well, goodbye little fetus son. I hope to write you next time as a neonate!

Love Always,

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