Saturday, May 12, 2012

1 week, 3 days

Sleep deprivation has taken away my desire to write full paragraphs.  To keep you up to speed...

Day 1: Reid was born via c-section--8lbs, 3oz/ 20 inches long/ 1:22pm
Day 2: Bella Baby took pictures, I took my first shower in days.
Day 3: Reid passed his hearing test, proud dad posted his graduation certificate on the hospital bulletin board
Day 4: We all went home.  Adam drove really slow.
Day 5:  Newborn pictures with Sweet Bloom Photography (I can't wait to see these!!)
Day 6: Took our first trip to the pediatrician and received great reports
Day 7: Took a trip to the lactation consultant and received great reports
Day 8: Adam went back to work, Grammy Pammy came down to help.  Follow up appointment at the pedi--Reid gained 7 oz since Monday (day 6). Dang!  Reid's cord stump fell off... now he has an outie.
Day 9: Reid got circumsized (poor guy!)
Day 10: Adam passed his EMT state assessment (!!),  Reid's beginning to hold his head up when he's on his tummy.

I also realized that I never posted my last belly bump picture.  This was taken just before we left for the hospital...

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