Monday, April 2, 2012

Thirty-four weeks, six days

Letters from Pa (Part VII)

Monday April 2, 2012

Dear (name we're still not sharing),

You have been quite the little booger lately. I will say more cooperative than in the past, but every time your Mom beckons me over, you stop your wiggling! The past couple times have been neat, although I can't tell if I'm touching your head or your posterior. To be honest, putting pressure on her belly freaks me out. I don't want to hurt you.

This week is spring break for your mother (translation: I need to monitor on-line banking like a nuclear reactor on the brink of meltdown) and I hope she gets everything accomplished that she sets out to do. Funny how our 'down time' now revolves around you as well. Wednesday night, we will be doing a photo consultation for some of your newborn pictures and then Thursday night, I get to learn the in's and out's of breastfeeding. Sorry to let you down, but that's going to be Mom's department.

This is also my spring break week too from my class. Unfortunately, I booked everything I haven't been able to get done since January into a five day sliver of time and I'm hoping to at least get 70% of the work done.

Your room is shaping up rather nicely. Still waiting on the odds and ends, but you can live in it. I bought you some 2012 Topps baseball cards last week. I need to put them in a box so you can bend them up about this time 2017. Wasn't a great bunch of cards to be honest... there was a Jeter, Johnny Cueto & Mike Leake (current Reds) and an assortment of mid-level dudes.

Your shower that I got to attend last Sunday was really cool. Had a lot of your family members there and, unfortunately, we opened all your stuff. We have a ton of books we get to knock out over the summer!!

Mom and I took a little day trip down to Cincinnati yesterday and one of the stores we were in featured kid-friendly things to do around the area and in the states that surround us. I had such a good time picturing where (and where we won't) go.

I hope you enjoy amusement parks... we live just up the road from a good one. I think this summer, we'll stick to exploring the neighborhood, but next year at this time we're going to zoo it up, museum it up, riverboat cruise it up, etc.

In the waning weeks you have left in utero, I ask one simple favor: please ease up on Mom's bladder. It increases our water bill every time she flushes. If it continues, I'm holding allowance for awhile.


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