Tuesday, March 13, 2012

32 weeks, 0 days

32 weeks?! When did that happen?

I was thinking about my pregnancy on the way home from school today (with the sunroof open and AC blowing on my feet, by the way) and I realized for all the reading I've done, there have still been a lot of surprises. If you're already a mom, you will probably read this and either nod your head in memory or roll your eyes at my naitivity. If you're trying to conceive or still have a few years before that's going to cross your mind, consider this some of the truth you won't read on your iPhone apps.

*disclaimer* I am so NOT complaining. I am very happy to be pregnant! :)

1. You are never full, but its hard to finish your food. I understand this will get worse as baby boy gets even bigger. I am constantly hungry, but when it comes to pig-out time I fill up quick.

2. You are always tired. I don't know how people exercise. By the end of a workday, Lucy is lucky when I hook her up to her leash for a walk down the driveway. I'm tired when my alarm goes off, I'm tired by the time lunch hour arrives, and I'm tired when I get home. Again, I know this is about to be magnified when nighttime feedings and diaper changes kick in.

3. You stop shopping for yourself. A more correct way to say that is that you stop shopping exclusively for yourself. Then again, maybe that's just me on this one...

4. People will look at your belly before your face. I was guilty of this too. I mean, it's a curious thing for someone to be growing a baby inside their body. But it's maybe a tad weirder when you work with preteens.

5. Baby moves in lots of different ways. Sometimes it feels like his foot is wedged into my rib cage. Sometimes I feel hiccups *down there*. Sometimes I get such a hard kick that my whole torso jerks. Sometimes I can feel his whole body roll over. Sometimes he has a dance party and as soon as I call Adam over to have a feel, baby stops dancing. Sometimes, when I get nervous beause I haven't felt him move in a while, I say his name and he gives a little tap.

6. Mild swelling isn't really mild. My feet used to have cute little piggies that I'd get painted pretty for sundress and flip flop season. Right now I am sporting hogs and cankles. It appears that an air pump was used to inflate the base of my foot. The skin is stretched so much that each foot feels sunburned on top. Today I tried flip flops. Fail. The day before I tried shoes. Fail. Tomorrow I might try going to work barefoot. All of the swelling has officially affected my stride as well. Yes, there is a slight waddle... But also a major slowdown. I. Walk. So. Slow. Now.

Again, I'm not complaining. I LOVE being pregnant, and even more, I can't wait for the little guy to get here. (but elephant feet, really? Ugh!)

I tried smiling, but I looked crazy every time. This is me (no longer in a dress... It's too hot for leggings and boots... Refer to #6 above). 32 weeks today - 8 weeks to go!


  1. Apologies for the hugeness of both belly and picture. I can't resize when posting from my iPad. :/

  2. Wow, you look so great!
    Can I add one more truth? Heartbearn? Mine comes up at the strangest times and places and will not be chased away by drinking milk, anise or over-the-counter stuff. When I lay on my right side; no problemo, but when I switch to my left side.... crap!