Saturday, March 17, 2012

32 weeks, 4 days

It was a bad idea for me to start my day watching Marley & Me with Lucy. We're both bawling our eyes out.

Time to distract myself with a little blogging.

Yesterday was quite an eventful day.  It started with me forgetting to put make-up on. Yes, I left my house for the first time EVER sans make-up.  Actually, I had moisturizer on, so I was a touch greasy.  I didn't even know until about an hour after I arrived at school.  Nobody even told me.  Jerks were just going to let me go through my day looking face-naked.

Then it was 900 degrees, no exaggeration.  I had on jeans, tank, and cardigan.  And flip flops.  Bad.

My long-term sub shadowed me... which means my last day is approaching!

Then all hell broke loose... the administration started telling people their job assignments.  I don't want to get too into it--this is about my job after all--but it was shocking, tearful, and crazy news all around.

And it was around lunch that I started really feeling the pain of swelling in my feet.  I had the school nurse take my BP, and with the results I called the OB nurse.  My numbers were higher than they've been (two reads with two different cuffs), but considering my day, it wasn't surprising to either nurse.  I was told to put my feet up (ha!), drink more water (because 10 bathroom breaks during the school day isn't enough), and relax this weekend (I can do that).  I have a regular check-up scheduled for Tuesday, so unless more symptoms present themselves or I feel worse, I should be okay until then.  I was satisfied with that answer.

But my feet still looked and felt horrible.  Kind of like this:

I ended up going to bed really early-like 8:45 early-after a quick (un)happy hour at Applebee's with my teacher posse.  I had weird dreams--all about school--and only got up twice to pee (too much info?).  I woke up with less-swollen feet & ankles.

Damn, Marley & Me is still on.

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