Tuesday, February 28, 2012

30 weeks, 0 days

It was 3D picture & 4D video day!!  Below are just a handful of the images of our real-life baby.  He wasn't super cooperative--he kept putting his hands and feet in front of his face.  According to the nurse, he was also snuggling his face into my placenta.  Mmmm.  We'll have to chuckle over that tidbit with his future girlfriend in high school.


Here's two video clips of the nugget.  He's kind of waving in the 1st and finishing a little yawn in the 2nd.

We also met with a pediatrician today.  Nothing too exciting there, other than the fact we can check it off our list of things to do.  

I didn't take a 30 week picture today, mostly because I didn't like my outfit.  I'll work on a better look tomorrow.


  1. Wow, precious!
    So what are you most excited about? You have only ten weeks left until little man arrives, time is going by fast now.
    How is the nursery doing? Have you got everything in place yet? And when will you be on leave? I have to work for another 3,5 weeks until leave starts, then another 6 weeks until baby comes.
    Will you deliver at home or in hospital?

    Ok, I need to stop now. Too many questions...
    I just love reading your blog!

  2. :) Keep the questions coming!!

    Right now I am most excited about my first baby shower... it's tomorrow!! It's not everyday you get a bunch of your friends together and get to open presents. I'm very excited. :)

    The nursery hasn't seen a lot of movement--still painted, with crib, new wood blinds, and a neat red rug... that's about it. I have my ideas though, so it will happen eventually.

    I'm jealous that you don't have much time left until you're done working. I'm working until May 4th. Gah.

    I'm delivering at the hospital FOR SURE. It would scare me to not have a bunch of medical assistance in very close vicinity just in case...

    I'll post again soon with my 30 week picture and updates on the shower. Toodles!