Saturday, February 25, 2012

29 weeks, four days

Letters from Pa (Part VI)

Dear Son,

I bet your thinking, 'Gee Dad, way to go on those scads of letters you promised me!'. Actually, I know you wouldn't say that, it's not 1958.

Got to spend some quality time last evening with your Uncle. I rode along with him at his job and made a couple trips back and forth to the hospital. The more I do this, the more reassured I will be when you arrive that I'll be an adequate parent.

We met up with G&G Conley afterward and had pizza and then went and saw your aunt and cousin. What a treat! She is so pleasant to hold and just look at. Can't wait to do the same thing with you over the summer.

I got sick last week for the first time in my married life, and I will take that...once every Olympics isn't too terrible. I think it was my body's rude way of saying 'take a break kid'.

Lucy is at the window watching Boots (the vagabond orange cat) and one of the neighbors scraggly Himalayans run around the fence out back. She has also presented me with three tennis balls. I can't wait to teach you how to throw them so I can get a break. Your big sister never tires, she is a true retriever in every sense of the word.

Driving home these past few nights, I've often wondered what kind of music you'll like me to sing to you. Give it some thought, you still have over ten weeks. If you're anything like mom and I, you'll have a pretty broad base. The past couple weeks, I've been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd, Paul Simon and Motown (an interesting mix to say the least).

I bought Reds tickets for opening night against the Marlins. Looking forward to that, although mom tells me she may be playing it by 'belly'. I think she thinks that you'll be 34 pounds by then.

I/we have a lot on our plate between now and then. My EMT-Basic class is a lot of frustration, but beneficial. It's tougher than I thought, but I learn from my mistakes and move on. I've been busy at work through the week for what seems like ages. I rush home Mondays and work at the station, go to class Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday and we just wrapped up our Wednesday night pre-birth class at the hospital for the entire month of February. You could say I am eagerly awaiting your delivery, anticipating some down time!

Last night was the first significant bad roads I've driven on all winter. Weird, since it's almost March. Speaking of March, it's nearly basketball tourney of my favorite three week spans of the year. I think you'll get into hoops right away.

OK, I sense that I'm rambling. You're now up to speed with me through February. I have a lot on my plate this afternoon: laundry, letters to mail, taxes, plumbing, budgeting/forecasting, studying and on-call til 0630 tomorrow. Oh, and your 'big' sis is growling at me to throw one of her three Penn balls!


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