Sunday, February 19, 2012

28 weeks, 5 days

(I posted this in another baby-mama forum I belong to... hence the different-than-usual formatting)

Nesting Much!?

Even Adam is nesting!

Today I made a list of 15ish "things" that needed to be done, including a full clean out of the pantry, both hall closets, throwing out all expired cleaning supplies and medicine, full clean of the washing machine (which was suuuuper built up with detergent and softner), and reorganizing the WHOLE basement. 

Here's the hall closet in all it's organized glory...
And a close up...

Usually when we make lists like this, we do a couple things and then our ADD kicks in and we stray to other tasks.

Today we got it all done, still went to the dog park, and even washed our dog. Oh, and had lasagna. Okay, it was a Stouffers, but still... icon_wink.gif

Now I'm sitting with feet propped (back hurting, ankles swollen), drinking a berry smoothie getting ready to watch Parenthood with the husband. icon_bellyrubs.gif

I sort of hope the psycho-cleaning lasts at least until baby comes--it's not every day that I get an urge to pick out crusty gunk with vinegar coated q-tips in my washing machine. And who knows when (or if) it'll ever happen again!

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