Monday, February 20, 2012

28 weeks, 6 days


-We went in today and I'm up 4 lbs since last month.  Baby measured spot-on for 29 weeks.  My total poundage gained is something like 26 lbs.  Oink, oink, baby.

-I'm now going in for check-ups every two weeks.  That means the end (the beginning??) is near!

-We scheduled our 3D/4D ultrasound for next Tuesday.  I.Am.So.Excited!  I hope the little nugget cooperates and we get to see his face a lot.  I wonder who he looks like?

-We have three pieces of fluff in the mail and I am PUMPED (read: addicted).  They are:
Glow in the Dark Skull  
(The skulls glow in the dark, lol)
Husbie now bribes me or challenges me to bets with diapers as the prize.  Last night it was, "If you can guess within the hour of when I'll get a (fire) call, you can order another diaper."

-Haven't felt hiccups yet (jealous of you, Alyssa!), but am getting some nice bladder punches regularly.  He also seems to enjoy dancing to Dave Matthews--takes after his mama--so I've been focusing on that particular Pandora station lately.  Perhaps he'll have to come to a concert this summer.  Okay, next summer.

-We have our last Childbirth Prep class this Wednesday.  We're signed up for Breastfeeding and Caring for your Newborn classes in March/April.  After that, I guess it's all up to YouTube and the grandmas for advice.

-We (I) haven't decided on an epidural yet.  Some people... okay MOST people, say I'd be nuts not to get one.  I haven't ruled it out...  need to hear more from you who are reading this blog.  What are your experiences??

I think that's it.  I'll try to post a 29 week photo tomorrow.  Happy Monday!! :)


  1. As far as a "birthing plan", we didn't really have one. I felt some pressure as the time was near to choose one way (natural) or the other (epidural) but having no idea the first time just how much pain I could handle. So I told the doctors that I was open to having an epidural but I wanted to try to do it without first. A women's body does miraculous things and it's amazing what you can tolerate pain wise if you can center yourself and focus. Both my childbirth experiences I was able to do without an epidural.

  2. Thank you for that! So many people have been making me feel like I'm crazy for considering no medication... but I just don't know! I mean, how can I possibly know what my pain tolerance is when I've never even broken a bone?

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  3. Julie~ I had Avery with no epidural. My DR kind of looked at me funny..but I was set to not have anything poke me in the back. I only had some meds to help me be "comfy" they really just made me sleepy and able to be more relaxed, they did not take away any of the pain. I truly do not think child birth was as bad as many say it is. Having an open mind to give it a try with out I think it great. :-)