Friday, February 17, 2012

28 weeks, 3 days

Happy 4-Day Weekend!!

Today I took the day off school so that I could go to my 1 hour Glucose Tolerance Test without rushing.  It was sooo nice to sleep in, especially since my sleeping has been hit or miss lately.  I ended up drifting in and out of sleep until 9am, when I finally got up and made an egg & cheese sandwich.  By the time I got to CompuNet, it was 11, and the clinic was empty.  Usually when I wait for them to unlock the doors at 7am there's a line of other 8-5'ers.  The drink was not as bad as I was warned it would be.  It was like flat orange Crush, and it was a little bottle.  No biggie.  I'll find out Monday if I passed or if I have to take the 3 hour test.

I have Monday off too... it's President's Day!  I have my 7 month check up and a dentist appointment scheduled, but no work--yesss!  I wonder if I'll be scheduling more regular (as opposed to the 1x per month) appointments now that I'm in the 3rd trimester?

In other news, we've successfully made it through 3 childbirth preparation classes.  We have one more on Wednesday.  Today I'm signing us up for the Caring for Your Newborn and the Breastfeeding classes.  I'm also starting to consider an additional class that preps parents who are planning a more natural birth.  Am I crazy?  Maybe.  I haven't totally decided, but I might skip meds.  Then again, if the doctor is predicting a ginormous baby, I'll probably opt for relief of the medical variety.  Anyone have advice on this?  What did you do??

Time to go take care of my sick husbie.  He came home from work early with the flu.  Yep, the flu.  He's been sleeping in the guest room because he's scared he'll make me sick.  Plus I snore like a fat, old man now.  Send us prayers that he gets better soon!

PS- Got more fluff in the mail today.  Here's one of the adorable pocket diapers I got.  Love!!
Tiny Tush Elite One-Size Fitted Pocket Diapers-Bots-robot, bot, pocket, insert, tiny tush, one size, os, snap

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  1. You are NOT crazy for considering no drugs! Although I had an epidural with both boys, I think it is definitely(and obviously) doable to go without. I really wanted to with Colin but because my water broke so long before I checked in to the hospital my doctor put me on IV antibiotics so they had to use an internal fetal monitor which means I was stuck laying on the bed. I just can't go through labor that way. I have to be moving, rocking, etc. Anyway, take that extra class FOR SURE. And, it is never too late to consider a doula! If I have a third child I am definitely hiring one. I was not a big fan of the epidural either time(it took forever to get feeling back in my legs) but I feel like I need someone there to help me through contractions towards the end of labor. When you are in that state of mind it is sometimes hard to remember the positions/suggestions on how to handle it.
    Anyway, again I am leaving a HUGE comment, but you should totally do whatever feels right for you. My only advice as far as a labor plan goes is sometimes you just have to go with the flow! These things are very unpredictable! :)