Tuesday, February 14, 2012

28 weeks, 0 days

Happy Valentine's Day!!
It's funny how this holiday changes after you get married.  When you're younger, it's all about getting a carnation at school or a deeply meaningful present from your boyfriend.  When you're married, it doesn't seem as important to get a big, expensive gift.  Today I woke up to my husband, who promptly delivered my daily prenatal vitamin, OJ, shower serenade.  The bonus--a deeply meaningful Valentine's Day card.  I'll take it!

Besides, I'm ordering more diapers today.  I'm calling it a Valentine's Day present for all of us. ;)

Today baby boy is dancing all over my stomach.  As I type this, I have my shirt pulled up so I can watch the bouncing.  It's really fun.  On the flip side, I am so super exhausted.  It's not like I did anything beyond what's normal at school.  If anything, I sat more.  I was struggling to keep my eyes open by the end of the day.  Tomorrow's an Early Release, so that'll be nice.  Where the heck are our snow days????

With that said, please excuse the haggard look of my 28 day belly picture.

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  1. Ugh! There is a shadow in the picture that makes it hard to see the hugeness of my bump. I seriously can't imagine getting bigger... but I know I will.