Monday, February 13, 2012

27 weeks, 6 days

Well friends, I've neglected the blog.  I even took a picture last week and didn't get on here to share it.  Here I am last Tuesday (27 weeks exactly):

It might be time to stop wearing these little cotton dresses... all stretched out=not so cute anymore.  I'll try to take my 28 week picture tomorrow, and maybe even post it too.  :)

Things are coming along on the nursery front.  My in-laws purchased our crib and mattress, and got it set up this weekend.  Yesss!!!!  (Thank you!!!)  We don't have our bedding yet, but I hope I'll get some of it in the next couple months.  I can't wait to wash it up and get it all ready.  Here's a camera-phone-at-night-bad-lighting picture of the crib:
It's pretty, huh?  Now we just need to get the dresser, chair, and a rug.  And the shelves I'm going to have made in Waynesville.  And some decorations.  Maybe some curtains.  I totally have time, right?

So I have a new not-so-awesome side effect of pregnancy.  Let me start by saying that I am still super over-the-top happy about being with child.  I'm not complaining, really... but you should see my ankles and feet.  My gosh they are swollen.  My left ankle looks bruised!  I've been trying to sit when I can at school, but by the end of the day I'm a mess.  I checked my blood pressure yesterday, and it was fine, so I'm not overly concerned yet.  I have my next appointment in a week, so I'm planning to talk to the doctor about it then.

And I'm finally in the 3rd trimester!  Woo hoo!!  I thought it would take forever to get here, but things are moving so fast now.  I officially set my last day at school to be May 4th (a Friday) and I'm due May 8th (the following Tuesday).  Whoa!!

I'm planning to take a picture tomorrow, 28 weeks and Valentine's Day.  I'll also try not to go as long without an update.  Maybe one of these days I'll even be brave enough to vlog (video blog).  :)

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