Friday, November 25, 2011

16 weeks, 3 days

To buy or not to buy?  I'll tell you what I'm not doing--I'm not braving the malls or super-sized retailers like Walmart or Target.  No way, nuh uh, not gonna happen.

I have been stalking the online shops though.  I purchased a pair of fatlady maternity jeans from Old Navy for $20 and a pretty ruffles-on-top dress from Gap for $42 (originally like $75 or something).  Now I'm desperately trying to stay away from but I may lose that battle after finishing this post.  The deals are just so tempting!

Yesterday was good (Thanksgiving).  We had a small gathering (mom, in-laws, Adam, me) and the food was great.  I did, however, get another one of my horrible headaches.  It got progressively worse until I finally went to bed, which was basically as soon as I got home.  Adam had his first "real" call for the fire station right when we got home too, which was very exciting for him.

Today I have plans to see lots of people, so I better go get ready.  Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

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