Wednesday, November 23, 2011

16 weeks, 1 day

Wednesday November 23, 2011


Note: I'm no longer going plural with you... unless you're hiding something!

Well, you have officially made it sixteen weeks and put up with your mama. I thank you so much for putting her at ease and sparing her the nauseous feelings, cold sweats, vertigo, etc. Please continue this, she'll remember it when you're a teenager (I swear!).

I really did have grand intentions of writing you often when I wrote the prior letters... quite amazing how time becomes more precious when you throw some extra-curricular's into the mix. I got a phone call the week we learned about you that I'd be starting fire school and had one day to prepare. I am proud to tell you that I made it through the course and take my state test next Tuesday. By the time you're able to read this, I may well be able to take you a ride in one of the apparatus... won't that be fun?!?!

I'm also debating on taking an EMT course over the winter. By the time that would wrap up, you'll almost be here. (Plus it gets me out of your Mom's hair for awhile)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a holiday I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as the two of us. We're getting things around and Mom is taking a break between cooking things. I hope that as we all grow older with each other, you'll appreciate getting together with us and your grand-folks and the rest of your wonderful extended family.

As much as I stress about the things I have no control over, wanted to let you know that tonight and always, I'm thankful for your existence. You'll learn one day what a driving force you've been in my life thus far and have helped me persevere and focus on being the best I can be.

Enjoy your last 24 weeks in the womb!


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