Saturday, October 8, 2011

9 weeks, 4 days

So we've had a crazy last two weeks.  Here's the run down:

We heard the nugget's heartbeat at our second ultrasound at 8 weeks, 1 day.  The heartbeat was up to 168 bpm, which is great.  We got more pictures that just looked like a bigger blob then the first picture at 6 weeks, 1 day.  It's a beautiful blob though. :)

Then last weekend we drove up to Belle Center and told Adam's parents.  To play it cool, we waited until we'd been there a couple hours.  Then, over grilled cheese and tomato soup, I casually asked Adam if he had put "that thing" in my purse for his mom.  I grabbed a Pandora box and told D'Anne that it was an early birthday present. She opened it--a baby carriage charm--and immediately began to cry, asking "What does this mean?!?"  It was great.

Then on Sunday we told my mom.  We had the exact same plan (bought the moms Pandora bracelets on Mother's Day this year) and did it over blintzs and pancakes and eggs at The Golden Nugget.  However, when my mom opened the box, she squinted and said, "Ooh, I can tell it's pretty.  I need my glasses."  She dug her glasses out of her purse and then finally saw the baby carriage... and proceeded to have a very similar reaction to D'Anne.

I'm just glad we can stop being liars and hiding secrets from our closest family and friends. :)

Over the course of the week I told five close friends and my boss (who was already waaay on to me).  Adam told his coworkers and fire people.  We're still not ready to go totally public considering we're not quite to the 2nd trimester.  Once we hit Halloween, I'll be more comfortable telling.

Then there's yesterday. Or rather Thursday, actually.  Thursday was a long day for me at work.  I had my normal school hours, then detention, then the Family Fall Fest/Book Fair.  I was busy until after 8pm.  My symptoms had disappeared since about Tuesday, so I was able to handle it just fine.  When I went home, I was shocked to see some pink spotting when I went to the bathroom.  Shocked isn't even the right term here.  I was panicking.  Suddenly I realized that my symptoms were gone and I'm bleeding.  Adam was at fire school, so I got crazy all by myself.  Of course I consulted with Dr. Google (mistake) and confirmed my fear that I could be miscarrying.  After texting Adam 500 times I climbed into bed and didn't sleep one wink all night.

When my alarm went off, I was still in total panic mode.  I didn't see how I would make it through a school day with the possibility that I was miscarrying.  I decided to call in a sick day--my first ever morning decided sick day--and call the doctor.  The RE's office called back around 8:30 and told me to come in at 10.

I was there early for probably the first time ever.

In the end, everything was fine.  Better than fine... I was able to see our little nugget squirming and wiggling around!  S/he's heart was pumping a healthy 172 bpm and measured 30mm.  I can't even explain how relieved I felt--taking the sick day was well worth finding out everything was a-okay.  The RE said I probably overdid it at school and irritated my cervix or something.  He recommended taking it easy this weekend, obviously fine by me.  Our next appointment is on the 18th at exactly 11 weeks.  We can't wait. :) :) :)

Here are the ultrasound pictures from yesterday (9 weeks, 3 days) for your viewing pleasure.  In real life s/he looked like a little gummy bear with arms and legs, but it's really hard to see in the picture.

The top blob is the head, the bottom blob is the body.  If you squint you can see arms and legs, especially on the top side of the body.

This picture shows the heartbeat down at the bottom.

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