Saturday, October 8, 2011

7 weeks, 2 days

Although it's not entirely necessary, I just bought my first maternity gear online.  I mean, I had to--I had a coupon that was about to expire!  It's a risky purchase too, because even not-pregnant I have to try everything on.  On Old Navy's website they have a conversion chart, so I went with that.  I figure, if worse comes to worse, I'll send it back.  I got a pair of jeans (in long!) and khakis (in long!!) and a cute cowl neck sweater top.  Is it pathetic that I am so totally pumped for the pants because they have that big panel thing?  I mean, all pants would be so much better if they had stretchy panels instead of tight waistbands, right?

Next Wednesday Adam and I are headed back in for an ultrasound.  We'll be 8w,1d then and I'm guessing our nugget will have doubled at least.  It will be shocking if it's actually shaped like a baby.  I don't think they are at 8 weeks, but you never know.

We still haven't told anyone.  I think we'll tell parents the weekend after the ultrasound... and probably close friends too.  Then maybe I'll tell you all about this blog too.  ;)

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