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6.27.2014 - dadablog

Another quick week in my world. More 'stuff' added to the molehill, you reach adulthood/parenthood and it's like building the unstructured sand pyramid. The one where you toss a bucket on an existing mega-pile, dump at the top, and maybe three grains stay put while the others trickle down to the bottom. Not complaining, at least I have things to do for the next twenty years.

#2 green, Liberty Hills... my favorite LoCo hole
In the meantime, I have a golf outing this weekend. Not a scramble either, a legit tournament... one that I'm a past (net) champion. The tourney is in it's 33rd(ish) year, I played my first time at age ten and carded a solid 121 at Woodland. I played later in my teens and probably the past 6-7 consecutively and used my 51 handicap to bring home a slew of prizes. This year will be neat, playing with dad, (brother) Jason, and (cousin) Brian. I'm just hoping I'm not 4th place in my foursome.

Traveled to Huber Heights last night for recognition of (officially retired) mother-in-law at a school board meeting. Reid William had other plans, so Julie got to watch it. Me? I stood in a 10x10 play area for pre-schoolers, shielding the sun from my boy while sweat trickled down my back. I watched him scoop mulch into a bucket and dump it in a flooded turtle shell. Hilarity ensued.

Clarkston, MI - 6/25/14
Looking forward to visiting Riverbend on 7/9. I surprised Julie last week by getting her tickets to a WEDNESDAY night Dave Matthews Band show. I've been to a few DMB concerts over the years, but surprisingly, this is only my second with the babe. I'm sure we'll have an awesome time... I could definitely use some alone time with dreamgirl.

In other news, I'm trying to re-invent my blog formatting (as to attract actual readers and possibly garner some comments). Julie reminds me that people don't want to hear a story (unless you want to write a story). Throw some ideas our way... what do you crave?

I'm heading to the beach in a month... I need book recommendations people. Please throw me a couple.


Grantland - I'm a draft junkie (basketball & football). Not in the present, but looking back five/ten/twenty years later.

'96 draft class (note the lack of ink)
Smart drafting by the C's.

Daytonites - Saw this last night while visiting the great DLM. The Great American Root Beer Pack features five different old-time flavors sweetened with pure cane sugar. The pack includes two of each: The Original Bulldog; Red Arrow; Bedford's; Americana; and Dad's. O-So Delicious Butterscotch Root Beer has been in business in Chicago since 1946. There are ten 12-oz longneck bottles that are also sweetened with pure cane sugar. Enjoy some unique drinks this spring! Great American Root Beer Pack 10 pk • $12.99 • save $2.00 with Club DLM card. Love me a good summer root beer.

If you told me before the MLB season the Reds would be two games over .500 on 6/27, 7.5 out of first and 2.0 from the WC... not to mention their injury resume, I think I'd be fine with that.


I've been listening to Fanfarlo, after finding them on one of my many decent blog subscriptions.

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