Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Three & a Half Months

Tomorrow is the first day of my 8th year of teaching.  I'll be nursing my son with a coconut milk creamered coffee around the time that the other teachers are putting on their I'mnottryingtoohardbecauseit'sjustastaffdaybutIwanttoshowoffmytanlegs new outfits. 

It's a very odd feeling to not be going back right away.  Type A Julie doesn't like knowing that another teacher will be doing all the intro lessons that I actually love.  Type A Julie doesn't trust another teacher to do it the way she would.  Type A Julie is overwhelmed with all the preparations that still need to be done by Monday (when the students arrive).  Buuuut, Mommy Julie doesn't really want to go back.  Ever.

Reid's good though, if you were wondering.  Here's a video from last night on his changing table (one of his favorite places to be). :)

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