Friday, August 10, 2012

Fourteen weeks, two days

Tonight is the first 'crisp' evening we've had since Reid came home. I remember thinking it was hot that week of May 2nd and it just seemed to escalate from there. With the return to (somewhat) normal rain patterns, the grass is sprucing up and I may be able to plant a maple tree that mom left with me while she tended the house during our hospital stay.

Tonight, I left work and had to stop at our beloved Miami Valley Hospital and take my Greater Miami Valley Emergency Medical Services Council Standing Orders Protocol test (try saying that three times fast!). I took it quickly and it was graded quickly and I passed quickly... just in time to start something else!

I didn't get home until after 7:00, to which we turned right back around and visited hell (read: Verizon store). Hell wasn't bad this evening. We arrived at 7:52 and they closed at 8:00, so it's nice to turn the tables on them (hopefully we can do the same thing at Time Warner Cable soon).

From hell, we went to purgatory (Babies R' Us) where we dropped Julie off at the door so she could return a couple items. Got to enjoy a little father-son time with Reid making some casual banter and general people watching.

The night only got better from there. We combined two of my favorite pasttimes... ordering pizza and going for a meaningless drive while wasting precious gas. I called in a pizza to Donatos and we had fifteen minutes to do with what we pleased, so we drove Reid around to some sights in the area he'd yet to see.

We arrived home, ate our pizza, fed the kid, and are deciding to call it a night.

Lame blog post? Sure.

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