Thursday, April 19, 2012

37 weeks, 2 days

So we have a bit of exciting news here in the Conley household:

Baby will be here NO LATER then May 1st.


We had our weekly checkup on Tuesday at exactly 37 weeks. At the previous appointment baby measured big, so the OB scheduled an ultrasound for this last appointment. Adam and I were both excited as anytime we get to see our son on tv is pretty amazing. We were not disappointed, and although the image was hard to see (because he's big and space is limited now), we could clearly see chubby cheeks and pouty lips--so cute!

And then the ultrasound tech gave us a weight estimate.

At 37 weeks, the tech was guessing 8 pounds. EIGHT POUNDS. As if that wasn't shocking enough, she followed the comment with, "plus or minus a pound.". Oh, so he could actually be more like NINE pounds.


About a half hour later we met with the OB, who walked in holding the ultrasound pictures and an I-feel-bad-for-you look. I guess she noticed my obvious panic over possibly birthing a 15 pounder, because she suggested that we induce at 39 weeks.


So now we have our last appointment, where I'll be checked to see if anything is happening naturally. Then on April 30th we'll head to the hospital in the evening with the actual induction early the next morning on May 1st. Yeah!

On the same day I told my students that I'd be leaving them a week earlier than expected. They didn't really respond, they just sort of looked around. I found out later that they've been planning a huge surprise shower for me, which was supposed to occur the week of April 30th sometime. From what I understand, this has been in the works for weeks, parents are involved, food is being made, decorations... A huge ordeal. In the end they told me about it and Adam and I will be making a special trip in on Monday (April 30th... Same day we will go to the hospital) for a student-thrown shower. How stinking cute is that? They made a comic on our class blog to announce the surprise... So sweet!

And now for the super big baby bump picture. This was taken on 37 weeks, 0 days.

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  1. Oh.My.Goodness. It will be May 1 before you know it! How much do they think baby could grow between now and then? I mean, 8 pounds.... My OB estimated my little nugget to be 5 pounds and around 7 on May 8, the due date. I am kind of relieved to be able to read your birth story before I will probably give birth myself. (you know- is it really THAT bad? YES, it is!- etc)
    You look great and I am amazed that you are still able to work. I have not seen the inside of my classroom for 3 weeks now and I don't miss it a single bit. I am exhausted after vacuuming the house, let alone teach a classfull of kids all day long! Definitely praise you!