Monday, April 16, 2012

36 weeks, 6 days

I've been pretty comfortable through this pregnancy.  Sure, I've had heartburn, headaches, and obnoxious leg-ankle-foot swelling... but really not major complaints compared to what some go through.

Sometimes I feel like my life, in general, is just like this.  I mean, there have been hiccups of time where things seem pretty bad.  But overall, I've had a pretty good life.  Especially right now... and I'll be honest, I'm a little afraid to say this out loud (out typed?  typed out?  meh)... but I've sort of got the white picket fence thing going on.  I have a good job, my own house, a stellar husband, and a dog.  A frigging golden retriever at that!

... and the teeny pessimist in me is just waiting for the logic of reality to vomit all over me.

So maybe I'm asking a lot, but say a little prayer that my white picket fence doesn't fall over.  Please?  I'm closer than ever to our nugget-baby's birthday and I desperately want everything to go well.  Pain-yes, I'll take it.  I'm positive I can handle it, maybe even appreciate it, with the fantastic prize I'll get at the end.  Then I can really say I have it all.

PS- THIRTY-SEVEN weeks tomorrow, full term, and getting an ultrasound.  Hip hip hooray!

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  1. Aw, Jules...everything will go great! But, I will say a little prayer today AND lots next Sunday/Monday just to be sure. :)