Sunday, April 1, 2012

34 weeks, 5 days


Nursery Bedding Set: Patrick Crib Fitted Sheet, Toddler Quilt & Crib Skirt
Grass Countertop Drying Rack
Little Tots Grey Owl CoverallThis weekend has been full of buying for the baby.  I would say it's stressful, but that's not entirely true.  It's been kind of fun and exciting.  I love shopping, and even though we are dropping loads of cash left and right, it means he's coming soon.  Some of what we got... a 6-drawer dresser, the car seat, a crib skirt and bumper (that match the rest of the bedding... SO cute!), a lamp (still want a floor lamp too), and a whole bag of Gap goodies.  Oh, and my mom picked up some Carter's sleepsacks and a super soft bunny.  Then today Adam and I went out to Park & Vine, a tree-hugger shop in Over the Rhine, and we got the softest, fluffiest, butter-yellow fitted diaper.  I would wear it if I could.  We also got some storage bins, a bumbo, a drying rack that looks like grass, and owlie pjs.  Did I mention we ordered my nursery dream chair?  It's delicious (but not this fabric).
PB Kids Comfort Grand Swivel Glider & Ottoman

We're blowing up online orders too, with some decorations for the room (an eBay score by Adam), custom made clothes on etsy, and yummy-smelling wipe solution off a baby boutique site.  I'm also having two different old-ish looking shelves made by a shop in Waynesville.  I can't wait to have the nursery finished so I can post some pictures here.


This week I'm on spring break.  I've got big plans, many of them revolving around the little nugget in my belly.  Tonight I am making a list of what to pack for the hospital for baby, myself, and even Adam.  I'm also making a list of what to have ready for postpartum at home.  I've heard of witch hazel soaked pads frozen in the freezer.  Anyone done this??  I clearly have little knowledge to go on, so anybody with experience... send me your best hospital packing tips AND postpartum care needs.  I need to wash all the teeniest clothes and start prepping diapers.  I'm pretty nervous about prepping the diapers, but I've got a pretty strong online support system... so we'll see.

And at some point I have to pack up my classroom.  I don't want to talk about school though--it's been too stressful there lately.

But seriously, if you're reading this (even if you are a total stranger), give me your best advice for hospital packing and postpartum care.  Give it to me straight!  :)


  1. I bought the grass! It is awesome - I've been using it for my breast pumping supplies (my little tyke is in the NICU, so I have to pump until he can actually breastfeed himself...). Honestly - best purchase ever!

  2. Don't forget to pack the baby book! It's nice to be able to write in between visitors and while babe is napping. Also if a page allows it to have babies visitors sign-in :) As far as your care goes in hospital and post partum the hospital will pretty much give you everything you really need.

  3. Thanks for the tips... they have been added to my list. I also found this website to be both helpful and reassuring (I have a lot from this list already!):