Saturday, December 31, 2011

21 weeks, 4 days

With all my free time this week, I did a lot of baby planning.  One particular aspect of baby planning is dreadful, but necessary...

Health insurance gives me migraines.  To be more specific, understanding how insurance works when I'm having a baby gives me migraines.   From the beginning I assumed I would deliver our nugget at Kettering Hospital.  Both my RE and OB are based at that hospital.  I've had friends deliver in their newly renovated Maternity wing and raved about their stay.  It's close-ish to our house.  It's small-ish and seemingly more intimate.

However, tomorrow my health insurance officially switches to a new plan.  It wasn't really my choice, but our insurance decided to change things up and tiered hospitals are part of the change.  Without getting too technical it means Kettering Hospital will be a Tier 2 hospital for my family and will cost more than a Tier 1 hospital.  I spent literally five hours on the phone Thursday talking to my insurance people (4 times), my OB office, Miami Valley Hospital (a Tier 1 option), and my dad.  I can't begin to explain how frustrated I was for being an educated adult and still have trouble understanding how everything will work.  I really wanted to justify staying with Kettering Hospital... but I am making the switch to MVH.  I hold nothing against this hospital--I was born there 30 years ago!--and I think it will be the financially smart decision for us.  Now I have to cancel all the baby classes we signed up for and re-sign up through MVH.  I will have to change some paperwork at my OB's office.  I know it's nothing major, but it's just one more thing to do.

It would have been easier to be a crack-whore with my 7th baby on the way, at least insurance-wise.

But for happier mentions, I added another registry to our list:  Pottery Barn Kids!  We are now registered for the adorable Madras bedding.  I really wanted to personalize some of the items, like the quilt, but that's hard to do when you don't have a name.

Madras Nursery Quilt, Navy

So cute, right??  Now I just need to add to the Amazon registry and choose between Babies R Us or Target (suggestions??).  I think we're going to order some furniture in the next couple weeks so we can get it assembled.  I've also got some other ideas thanks to Pinterest  (If you haven't joined this idea network yet, you're missing out!).  I'm thinking light brown walls, red or blue curtains, and a nice big rug.  I don't want to have to wait until the last minute to get it all together, especially since I'm predicting my motivation to wane in the last trimester.  It would be nice to have everything ready in advance.  Wish me luck. :)

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  1. Lots of great ideas Julie! You will like MVH. I have been in the new birthing rooms and the NIC unit. The accommodations are very nice for mother and child. Don't worry about getting something personalized. If you don't have a friend that sews, there is a place in Huber that does it. Happy New Year to you, Adam and Nugget!!