Wednesday, December 28, 2011

21 weeks, 1 day

Happy Wednesday!! Here's what you missed:

Christmas Eve (Sat):  Adam, Lucy, and I traveled up to Marysville for the annual Wolf Christmas.  I ate too much and had fun getting baby name suggestions from Adam's cousins.  Thanks for all the ideas Katie and Mallory! :)  After a late lunch and productive gift exchange (I got a purple infinity scarf, Adam got an OSU thermal), we headed back to Belle Center for dinner and more gifts with the in-laws.  Adam played Santa and we both got spoiled rotten with presents.  On our way home we picked up my mom and her puppy, Lily to come back to our house.
Santa Adam and his little elf, Lucy
Modeling my new owl earrings!
Christmas (Sun):  After waking and going to church, mom and I (mostly mom) made Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread from a Pinterest recipe.  It was phenomenal!  Then we opened presents... even more spoiled rottenness!  Sean, who lives near Boston, was in town and came over to hang out for a while too.  Hey Sean, we still have your beer stein!
nom nom nom
Adam loves his new Slee pajama bottoms!
Lily vs. Lucy for possession of Coony
Monday/Tuesday:  I finally finished Harry Potter #4--it took me for-ev-er, then went up to my mom's to spend the night.  Yesterday was miserably rainy/snowy, but I did get to reunite with Bamajustef (Abby, me, Stefanie) at Dewey's by UD.  I love those girls!


Baby boy has been a little more active in the last few days.  I've felt him roll around (I think) and my stomach seems to be getting harder.  And definitely bigger.  Here is my latest belly shot... I look humongous!!

Adam and I are scheduled for Childbirth classes starting in February, plus a Child Care and Breast Feeding class in late March.  Those months don't seem that far away... and that means May 8th is getting even closer.  I also need to finish browsing my Baby Bargains book and make some final decisions on what to register for.  I'm not sure where to register though.  Any suggestions from some been-there-done-that moms?  Anything I should leave off my registry?  Anything I should definitely put on??  So far I have an online registry on Amazon, but it only has strollers and diapering items.  I really need to hear from current baby-mamas!!

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