Sunday, December 18, 2011

19 weeks, 5 days

Changed the background... a little more boy-ish, eh?

Happy Sunday, friends!

Letter from Pa (part IV)...

Sunday December 18, 2011

Dear SON!

I won't let you read these posts for some time, so I will say, I apologize for every mention of 'her', 'she', or 'sweetie' you may or may not have heard over the course of Mom's pregnancy. I secretly called you those names for reverse-psychology purposes. Not to play favorites, but I know you'll be super cheap and I wasn't ready to deal with wedding costs in 22-30 years, so you're officially one of my favorite dudes.

The Browns come on here in about an hour and I'm still in the process of cleaning up the basement and I still need to get groceries (which will happen after I watch the first ten minutes of said Browns game). I found a nice Browns outfit for you yesterday, I'm sure the all-orange garb would accent your dark brown bushy eyebrows you're sure to inherit. The longer I got to thinking though, I'm not sure I want to tap you as a Browns fan... you have the freedom of choice.  Enjoy!

Lucy and I are hanging out right now.  I can tell she's a little jealous every time she goes near your room and she's become a little more clingy lately (it's a girl thing). I think we're both getting a bit hungry too. Need to fix something up that's tasty. I hope you'll find my cooking delightful... your Mom's is good, mine can be iffy though.

I'm trying to include a good life lesson in my letters, so here's one: time is the most valuable asset you'll receive at birth. Enjoy the days of poop, pee and milk - they'll go by quickly. There will be days as a kid where time will go on forever... endless afternoons spent playing with your cousin(s) and friends, the weeks leading up to Christmas, beneficial sleep sessions in the car (even if it's ten minutes - you'll find them refreshing) and the daunting week ahead when you lay your little head on the pillow on Sunday night.

Let me tell you now, I don't know when it happened for me, but these days, 'weeks' aren't that long anymore. In fact, a weekend is typically spent by your Papa, planning for the next weekend. Sun goes up and it's a race with time. Cherish these early days of no concept of the clock, and then, as you fret about getting through the school week so you can have that Friday night camp out in the yard, remember to take it all in.  Life truly is a great journey, and like real trips, it's the anticipation and the road that leads us there, that amount to the best part.


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