Saturday, December 10, 2011

18 weeks, 4 days

Less than a week until we find out the gender of our babe!  Katie (coworker) texted me that she had a dream where I announced GIRL last night.  Literally everyone I know is saying girl, except dad.  I hope the little nugget cooperates on Friday.

I told my students this week too.  Many of them knew or had figured it out--it's getting obvious, right?  11-12 year olds don't exactly have tact down yet, so one boy commented, "So that's why you're getting fat!"  Yep.  Oh, and he repeated it.  What a turd.

Speaking of fat, my appetite is back.  It was gone--pretty much nonexistent from week 0-16--but it's back, and it's fierce.  I find myself packing much more for lunch, since I'll be starving by then.  Sometimes I even supplement my lunch with cafeteria food.  I'm a sucker for school pizza.  And grilled cheese.

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