Tuesday, November 22, 2011

16 weeks, 0 days

I still have this darn cold.  Thankfully I have a little time to relax and won't be back at school until Monday.  You'd think a 2-day week would be easy.  Hahaha.  Ha.

Tomorrow is our 16 week appointment.  I always imagined being so excited for these appointments, but really I'm just a nervous wreck.  In the meantime I have been stalking the Internet for reviews and ideas and anything baby-related.  I have added and deleted from our "want" and "must have" list at least 450 times (in the span of about 3 days).  Yesterday I ordered some recommended "baby bargains" book off Amazon.  And because I needed to spend $25 to get free shipping, I threw in a diaper cover (owls, shocking) and small wet bag.  What happened to the days of Facebook stalking only?  Now it's all about reviews.  I'm so boring.

I took more pictures today.  I don't think I look different from last week, and I'm pretty sure our little "avacado" according to my iPhone isn't making my stomach stick out.  I think it's the loaded baked potato I had yesterday at school.  Anyhow...enjoy!

Julie & nugget at 16 weeks.

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