Sunday, November 20, 2011

15 weeks, 5 days

We're getting very excited... Wednesday is our 16 week check-up.  I know we won't have an ultrasound (bummer), but we will schedule the 20 week anatomy scan if all goes well.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Meanwhile, I have been busy researching baby things that we want.  I started a baby registry on, and so far the only items are diaper related or owly themed.  :)  I'm not ready to make a decision on big items like car seats or cribs or strollers, so those will be added later.

And I am still sick with a cold.  Ashlie gave me a few Kleenex Cool Touch tissues the other night, and they're amazing (Adam's out buying some right now).  She has a cold too, so when we went to Wicked down in Cincy on Friday, we were two sickies in the crowd.

I think that's about it.  I hope you're enjoying our blog!

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