Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seven months, 27 days (WTH!?!?)

** Intended to post on 12/29/2012 **

A recurring theme in our blogs seem to be: 'We haven't posted in awhile...', 'We're so busy...', '(Insert other excuse)'. As we sit days away from a new year, it's time for a new start. Obviously, people do read our mindless ramblings, so in 2013, we'll continue to strive to be more consistent with penning (typing) our deep thoughts into the HP Pavilion. On the other hand, we ask for more comments, questions, and feedback from our constituents. We're nearing 7000 views and have maybe a dozen unique comments. (Sigh.)

We could fill in the blanks over what we've missed in the past few weeks and months... perhaps Julie can upload some pictures from the forgotten era and put them up later.

Here's to a blessed new year from our family to yours!



  1. Happy Newyear to you too!
    Thanks for your last few posts, I can imagine it being hard to blog for some time, especially since December is the busiest month of the year for most of us.

    As you may know, I am a rookie mom too, our sons were born only days apart so I like to read your blogs about what your days look like, what Reid's newest accomplishment is, etc.

    I must honestly say that I started a blog months before I fell pregnant but found it hard to keep it up as well. I quit because I didn't think anyone was reading it.

    Well, to serve you with a list of questions, here they are:
    - Can you upload some pictures of Reid?
    - What developments has Reid gone through the past few weeks?
    - How is cloth diapering nowadays? (not meant to be critical)
    - Does REid have favourite toys/games/food yet?
    - Hoe can you tell what he wants sometimes? Do you get any of the non-verbal communication and sounds he makes?
    - How are nights going for you? Has Reid moved into his crib/own room and is he sleeping better?
    - What is hardest for you?
    - Julie, do you find combining your job and your family difficult? ( I am a teacher as well and I find it very difficult)
    - What does your schedule look like? Do you let Reid decide what the day looks like or do you have a set schedule?

    Well, I'd say that's enough for now.

  2. I've contributed many of the 7,000 views! I spend my days stalking Instagram and checking up on here when I can :) Love you guys! Making a trip your way sometime in the near future (next 4 weeks)... I would love to see you! xoxo Betty