Friday, October 26, 2012

5 months, three weeks, three days

Sweet little Reid has his first real sickness. He'll be fine, but he's running a small fever, hacks like his Daddy, and has the sniffles.

He started his first full week of day care this week and never did Julie or I realize that it would make such a GOOD impact on him. The nights that I've spent with him have consisted of him sleeping soundly in one of oru arms. On occasion, I can actually lay him down in the crib and we can enjoy some husband-wife time (which means: clean, pay bills, clean more, etc.).

We have also been incorporating solids into Reid's diet. I never dreamed I would be terrified of seeing my son chomp down on some rice-y goodness, but Tuesday night saw me hover around him like a buzzard over a three-days-dead opossum. A lady at the store Sunday gave us a sample of her grandson's favorite rice cracker. It looked like a miniature breadstick and tasted similar to an animal cracker.

I sat in horror as Reid took a Daddy-sized bite from the end of it, chewed, made a face, and threw up. He repeated this three or four times until Mommy relieved my fears and placed a bowl of applesauce in front of him.

If there's anyone out there with experience... what did you do to overcome the developmental fears (eating, walking, puberty, driving, etc.)?

Let me know and put me at ease.

ac (dad)

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