Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 weeks, 1 day OLD

My baby is becoming a man.

Since midnight Reid has produced several dirty diapers.  Six to be exact.  That's SIX poopy diapers in about twelve hours.  That's one dirty diaper every two hours.  That's a crazy amount of poop.  One of the diapers (#5) was close to what you'd call a pooplosion.  Had he been in a disposable, it probably would have exploded out the sides of his legs or up his back.  Luckily I had him in a prefold and in a Thirsties cover with double leg gussets.  I think those little gussets saved the day.

No, I didn't take a picture.  But I would have if I'd had my camera.  It was that impressive.

Another thing happened that proves my little baby--some would still call him a newborn--is actually a small man.

I'm embarrassed.  I can't even say what I witnessed as I cleaned up Big Huge Poopy Diaper (#5).  Let's just say it was hard not to notice. 


How about I turn this around with a few nice pictures of my baby.  These are all pre-man-ness.


  1. Oh dear....
    This post is HILARIOUS!

    Did you recive any after care (yet)? Haha!

  2. That last picture on this post is probably one of the most beautiful pics I've ever seen! What an angel! :)