Monday, June 4, 2012

1 month, 2 days

I feel GREAT.  For the last two nights in a row I have slept in my bed.  Don't get me wrong, I loved cuddling my baby boy for hours through the night, but I have been waiting for months to sleep on my belly... something that cannot be easily done in a living room recliner. 
We went through several sleep trials before figuring out what was going to work for our family.  Reid started off with a lot of sleeping options, and it was starting to look like he was going to shun them all only to sleep froggy-style on mommy's (and sometimes daddy's) chest. 

Mommy & Reid... sneaky photography by Daddy

We tried the bassinet that Kim generously let us borrow.  He hated it.  I mean bloody-murder-screaming hated it.  Then we tried the Pack & Play.  Fail.  We thought maybe he would just go straight to the crib.  I mean, it's so cute and inviting... nope.  Our pediatrician okay'd putting him in his car seat (she admitted that it was the only way her own children would sleep at night), but I was/am hesitant to have him in it so much.  Through a fabulous group of May Mamas on Facebook, it was suggested that we try the Fisher Price Rock n Play, a reclined rocking bassinet thingamabob.

He clearly enjoys sleeping here. 

 We have it right up next to our bed.  He looks so tiny!

At first he would only nap during the day in the Rock n Play.  However, for the last two nights he has slept 11-ish to 2:00ish... nursed... then slept in it until 6:30-7am-ish.  WOOO!!!

On to other news...
  • Yesterday we went to the Strawberry Festival in Troy.  It was our first outing with the BOB (our amazing jogging stroller).  Some people take out a lot of money to buy crafts and such at festivals.  We spent all of our money on food, both for ourselves and our pup.  I had an amazeballs strawberry rhubarb crisp with vanilla ice cream.  Delicious!
Hiding his eyes on the way home.

  • Cloth diapering is going well.  I thought I had enough newborn sized diapers for a full 48 hours between washings, but not so much.  For one thing, Reid is smaller than I expected.  Plus he has skinny little legs.  I thought he'd move up to one-sized diapers faster (usually starting between 8-10 pounds), but the legs gap too much from his lack of thigh-chub.  At last check (Friday) he was 8 lbs, 10 ounces.  I've been washing more like every 36ish hours to accomodate.  Okay, and I've purchased more diapers here and there (like the 3am Orange Diaper fitted I ordered last night during his 4th meal).  We have also used a lot more disposables than I expected.  I both like and dislike sposies.  I like how trim they are.  I like that anyone knows how to put them on.  I like not having to wash them.  I dislike the way they smell.  I dislike spending money on them (but have no issue spending money on cloth.  heehee).  I dislike knowing they are going to a landfill with a bazillion other dirty diapers.  Ew.  We've only really used disposable diapers when leaving the house/traveling.  I feel okay about this set-up.  We have a couple packages of size 1 diapers that are still too big.  I'm hoping to build my confidence in leaving the house in cloth and not purchase as many size 1 replacement packages of diapers.  I'm not sure what my trepidation is... he doesn't leak or have any real issues with cloth.  Maybe it's that they will bulk up my already overflowing diaper bag?  Or maybe it's because it does take me longer to put on a cloth diaper compared to a sposie.  I don't really know.

  • Reid doesn't love baths yet.  I hope this changes.

  • Developmentally, Reid is mostly holding up his head--maybe 85-90% of the time--and he's much more alert.  He really loves looking at our living room windows, probably because they have white blinds and black curtains.  He smiles a lot... in his sleep, haha.  I'm waiting for the day that I make a face or say something silly and he smiles at me with his eyes open.  He seems to be making a connection when he sees a toy hanging above him.  When he lays on his back on the play-mat thingy he bats at the toys.  This prompted me to buy some toys at Buy Buy Baby on Saturday.  Toys and a stroller.  Oops.  (in my defense, the BOB is too big for indoor stroller use.)  This stroller is for trips to the mall, something I'm still working the courage to do...changing out of pajamas is something else I'm working on the courage to do.  Overall, it's clear that Reid is less of a newborn and more of a young baby.  It's amazing, really.


Random photos from this month...

Post bath chillaxin'

Sleep smile.

Meeting Kim :)

Meeting Katie :)

Grandpa Dave!

Uncle Jason, cousin Jyles (4 mos.), Daddy, Reid

 Great Grandma Wolf 

Grandma Conley & Reid (Aunt Jorden in the background)

Grammy Pammie and Reidy


  1. So excited to read through all of your updates this morning. I'm happy you found something Reid will sleep in...that is very similar to what we used for Colin and I swear it is a lifesaver! :)

  2. Try swaddle-bathing him! It honestly makes all the difference. Nolan has never cried during a bath. All of the babies in the NICU here are swaddle-bathed and I've never heard any of them cry during a bath. I have pictures if you want to know how exactly you do it. But essentially you wrap them in a receiving blanket, wash their face and hair while holding them football-style over the tub. Then put them in the bath in the swaddle. Uncover to wash each body part, but then cover it back up again. When you're done, leave the blanket in the water and bundle him immediately in a towel.