Sunday, January 29, 2012

25 weeks, 5 days

My husband rocks.  
Here are just some of the reasons why I am lucky to have such a stellar man in my life:

1.  He bought me new white, wooden blinds for all of the windows in our house for my birthday.  Yes, this was by my request.  PLUS he already put the above blinds up... and they were delivered this week.
2.  He understands my need for new clothes.  And a new scarf.  And new nail polish.
3.  He doesn't complain when I go out with the girls on a Saturday night.  Or with my mom all day Sunday.
4.  He doesn't mind cleaning the bathrooms.  Or doing laundry.
5.  He lights candles.
6.  He makes sure that I always take my vitamins.
7.  He calls on his way home to see if I need anything.  By anything, he's asking if I want Graeters ice cream and is more than willing to stop for some.
8.  He doesn't mind my nightly Breathe Right strip, fortress of pillows that surround me, humidifier, and stuffy-nose-snore.  He even allows Lucy to hog the bottom half of his side of the bed.
9.  He changes his clothes/hair/shoes when I disagree with his 1st choice.  And he looks hot in his 2nd try at least 99% of the time (unless it's the awful blue Gap hoodie).
10.  He loves me.

Adam Conley, I love you too.

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